Ware Housing & Distribution

Ware Housing & Distribution

With more than 20 warehouses around the country linked to its overall distribution network, Nedlloyd Logistics offers warehousing and distribution services across industries. All the warehouses are well equipped with IT services & infrastructure. Nedlloyd Logistics gives real time inventory visibility to customers.

Nedlloyd Logistics Warehouses

General Warehousing

Nedlloyd Logistics offers you full warehousing services. Besides our bonded facilities we operate and manage a substantial amount of general warehousing facilities. In all facilities, we can offer you cargo consolidation services and value-added services. We have created these warehouses near the ports and use them specifically as extension of the factories for the stuffing purposes to save time and money for our customers.

Custom Bonded Public Warehousing

Nedlloyd Logistics operates custom bonded warehouses and facilitates high value imports including highly regulated commodities. The warehouses are built up to cater to good which require temperature/humidity control. We also manage eatable and perishable goods in these warehouses.

Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Nedlloyd Logistics offers you temperature controlled warehousing for your sensitive goods, such as wines and perfumes.

Project Based Warehousing

Nedlloyd Logistics, through its established network and capability, provides support to Big Telecos to store their costly equipment without any risk. We manage the inventory of big telecos, pack it as per requirements and delivers it across the country.